In Order of Appearance

Doug Bradley - Douglas Rouillard
Ryan Bradley – Britton Purvis
Andrew “Dr.  Stevens” Aikens – Charles Justo
Captain Davis – Ryan Rouillard
Amy – Michele Gomez
FBI Agent Fellows – Alex Davis
NSA Agent Hendricks –  Kious Wornick
Chief of Police – Michael Zammito
Priest – David Rouillard
 Prison Warden – Mark Davies
Mark Swanson – Joshua Bucens
Daniel Aarows – Eric Boles
 U.S. President – George D. Miklos
 Secret Service Agent- Jon E. Wright
 Pentagon Commander – Bradford Eckhart
Pentagon Computer Analyst – Paul Black 
 Pentagon Officer #2– James “Chilli” Chillingworth
 Pentagon Officer #3 - Rod Parsley
 Pentagon Officer #4 – Donald Prabatah
  Pentagon Officer #5 - Scott Gold
 Chinese President – Chi Yan
 Prison Receptionist  – Lilly Hong
 Janet (Police Receptionist) – Maureen R. Hughes
Fireman – Keith Allard
 Mrs. Clayton - Jennifer Jones
Blue Moon Waitress – Meredith Osburn
 Rick Westin – Matt Roy
 Bartender – Todd DeRochemont
Bar Patron - Theodore Siok
Jason McDaniels – Keith Allard
 Robert Clayton Corpes – Keith Allard
 News Reporter – Courtney Danforth
Court Officer #1 – Brad Duffy
Court Officer #2 – Tom Churas
 Medical / Corner – Guy Chase
 Ryan 9 Years  - Casey Duncan
 Doug 6 Years - Kobi Polisky
 Mom – Robin Marino
 Park Photographer – Alexander Petakov
 Police Officer #1 – Tom Defosses
 Police Officer #2 – Geoff Pinard
 Police Officer #3 – Nicholos Roussel
 Police Officer #4 – Yverson Alcide
 Police Officer #5 – Matthew Barber
 Police Officer #6 – Thomas Hammond
 Police Officer #7 – Emily R. Crosby
 Police Officer #8 – Christopher Weeks
 Police Officer #9 – Daniel Girard
 Police Officer #10 – Kerry Steckowych
 Mrs. McDaniels – Michelle Rouillard
 Kid in park #1 - Lacey Rouillard
 Kid in park #2 – Ruby Rouillard
 Cyclist #1 – Tim Hey
 Cyclist #2 – Ryan LaRocque
 Cyclist #3 – Devcle Skillings
 Cyclist #4 – Andrew Schiellinger
 Cyclist #5 – Justin Rigoli
 Cyclist #6 – Tina Ruggierc
 Cyclist #7 – James Murphy
 Cyclist #8 – Jauron Vetter


Executive Producer: Douglas Rouillard
Director: Daron Niemerow
Written By: Douglas Rouill­­ard
Produced By: Douglas Rouillard, DRP

Produced By: Toby Hamilton

Cinematographer: Daron Niemerow
Camera Operator: Frank A. Rybicki
Sound Engineer: Darien F. Rodriguez
Lead Editor: Daron Niemerow

Assistant Editor #1: John Zitzman

Sound Design: Darren Comans
 Visual Effects: Daron Niemerow

Music Liscencing By: The Chicago Music Library

Production Coordinator: Douglas Rouillard 

 Production Coordinator: Toby Hamilton
 Locations Producer: David Rouillard
 Script Coordinator: Toby Hamilton
 Warbrobe Stylist: Toby Hamilton
 Production Assistant: Alexander Petakov
 Production Assistant: Jennifer Jones
 Craft Services: David Rouillard
 Business affairs: Claire Rouillard
Prop Department: Everyone!
 Second Unit Director: Douglas Rouillard
 Second Unit Camera: Bill Woldt
 Second Unit Sound Engineer: Marcos Butron Jr.


End Credits title music:

“Trust No One”

All Vocals by:

Cain Hernandez - AKA Cmex

All Music preformed, mixed and engineered by:

Willie Crawford - AKA illiewaymusic




ABS Payroll – Burbank CA.
Truman Van Dyke Co. – Insurance Bonds




Goffstown Police Department, Goffstown NH
Hillsborough County, NH, Goffstown NH
Goffstown Congregational Church, Goffstown NH
Blue Moon Café, Goffstown NH
Village Trestle, Goffstown NH
Goffstown Center Park, Goffstown NH



Town of Goffstown

SAG/AFTRA – Julie Pongos – Los Angeles Division
WSM Talent – Darlene M. Sweeney
Robert Browne, III – Police chief
Keith Allard – Torrino GT Donation
Cliff Martel – Cabin Donation
Lori A. Palm – Cabin Donation
Petuz F.
John Janigian
Bradford Parkhurst
Alex LaPointe
John A. Putnam
Bill Wynne
Dan & Marilyn Nolan
Peter Stanhope
          Ashley Brown           
Brenda Cadieux
Amberly Gibbs
Earl A. Pike
Marvin Colburn
David and Claire Rouillard 

We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Thank you again from all of us at

DR Productions.


All rights reserved for the writer and producer of this material.


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